Basic course program. Elementary education

About the learning system

The most effective, understandable and familiar system of learning is from simple to complex.

This is how we are taught at school and then at the university, without trying to give complex examples in the second month of study. First all the elements are studied, then assembled into schemes, and in each topic are practiced with examples, reinforcing the gained knowledge at once!

Think back to the school curriculum, would you have been able to read a word if you hadn’t learned the letters or sounds first? Would you be able to write a sentence competently if you didn’t know the rules of spelling and punctuation?

This is the system that allows you to learn consistently without skipping important topics. Take your time! Astrology, just like any other subject, requires consistent study, consolidation and only then deepening of the consolidated knowledge.

Thanks to this system, our Academy gives a solid foundation and students have no difficulty analyzing a chart at the end of the course.

Of course, you should understand that, as in any school or university, a lot depends on the students: will you be a lagging underachiever, constantly finding reasons why you do not do well, or an excellent student who does all tasks in time, deepening their knowledge and therefore ahead of their fellow students in skills….Here, as in life in general, the choice is up to you.

Basic “Original” Course Education Program

Review course 46 sessions + 5 as a gift = 51 sessions (4 months)

  1. Cosmic hierarchy. Introduction to the planets. Signs and Nakshatras.
  2. Planet overview, their nature and qualities.
  3. Practical parsing of past topics.
  4. Practical parsing of past topics.
  5. Parivartana Yoga: sign exchange as the most important source of power.
  6. Additional power through Nakshatra exchange.
  7. Practical parsing of past topics.
  8. Temporary friends and enemies. Neecha Bhanga: compensation for the planets in debilitation.
  9. Avasthas: age and results of the planets. Gandanta: the special point that brings the most powerful transformations.
  10. Practical parsing of past topics.
  11. Combustion or how the close location of the planets to the Sun affects them.
  12. Planetary war. Victory or defeat? Consequences of planetary war.
  13. Practical parsing of past topics.
  14. Divisional charts as a tool for a deeper understanding of the horoscope. Navamsa: the most important and unique divisional chart.
  15. Vargottama position: improving the natural qualities of the planets.
  16. Practical parsing of past topics.
  17. The favorability and power of the planets. Sambandha: the interrelationship or cooperation of the planets. Graha Drishti: how the planets cast their gaze.
  18. Phases of the Moon, determining auspiciousness and strength.
  19. Practical parsing of past topics.
  20. Retrograde: cardinal changes and karmic workouts.
  21. Lagna and houses of the horoscope. Qualities and spheres of the houses.
  22. Kartari Yoga: favorable and unfavorable environment.
  23. Dig Bala: particular position of the planets and power of direction. Four purposes of life.
  24. Psychology of personality. Introvert-Extrovert. Individualist-collectivist. The ethics of an astrologer.
  25. Practical parsing of past topics.
  26. Raja Yogas. Power and status in the chart.
  27. Parivartana Yoga.
  28. Viparita Raja Yogas. Power and status through suffering and hardship.
  29. Will there be status if the planet is in debilitation? Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.
  30. Will you become famous? Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga.
  31. Will you be rich or prosperity and poverty in the chart. Dhana and Daridra Yogas.
  32. Health of a native, why there are problems. Arishta Yoga.
  33. Combinations of success in the horoscope. Graha Yogas.
  34. Sources of planetary power. Shadbala or “Six powers”. Vimshopaka Bala and Ashtakavarga: effectiveness of the planets.
  35. Power of the planets. Shadbala. Vimshopaka Bala. Ashtakavarga.
  36. Practical parsing of past topics.
  37. Temporary benefics and malefics. About the importance of ruling the houses.
  38. Temporary benefics and malefics. How a beneficial planet can become a pest and vice versa.
  39. House from a house. Secondary houses for a specific house.
  40. Chandra Lagna. The workings from the past and the desires of a native.
  41. Dashas or periods. Vimshottari Dasha – the queen of all Dashas.
  42. Dasha Lagna. What events can happen at a certain time in the life of a native.
  43. Transits of the planets. Star chart at the current moment. Double transit: prediction technique.
  44. Sade Sati. Problem period or chance for spiritual growth.
  45. Upayas or how to correct one’s Karma. Corrective methods.
  46. The general power of the horoscope. Where to begin the chart analysis.