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April 07, 2022

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“Can I be an astrologer?” 


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About the course:

Course “Purpose and Karmic Tasks. The answer to the main question in life with the help of astrology “

An author’s charitable course for those who want to understand their mission, areas of interest and fulfillment, as well as obstacles to happiness. The course provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient techniques of astrology and apply them in life, even if you have never studied Jyotish.
All proceeds from the sale of the course will be used for the good purposes of the interregional charitable public organization “Food for Life”.

Buying a course for 10 $, you personally feed several people with a hot vegetarian lunch.

Jyotish Academy collaborates with Food for Life Donbass, whose volunteers lovingly prepare and deliver food to children from low-income families and the elderly.


Format:In absentia and online. Recorded lectures with daily discussion in online chat with the support of teachers and curators of the Jyotish Academy. In the online format, online classes are additionally held (40 minutes) on Saturday or Sunday in the interval from 9 am to 11 am (Moscow time), depending on the group.

Recorded lessons are given:1 time per week on Thursday, 2 lessons

Duration of training: 1 month

Access to lessons: 1.5 months from the start of the course.

курс предназначение

Who is the course suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand their true nature, strengths and weaknesses, as well as karmic tasks, obstacles and spiritual lessons. All this can be seen in the horoscope in just one month of study.
  • People who feel great potential inside, but do not understand how and where to realize it. Jyotish is a very precise and practical science that can direct anyone who sincerely asks in the right direction.
  • For those who are attracted by astrology, but confused by online education, nothing is clear and there are many questions: how to choose a school? will I pull this knowledge? what if I don’t like the teacher? In a month, you will not only feel the unforgettable taste of Jyotish, but also determine whether the teaching methodology and the mood of the school are right for you
  • For those who want to learn the basics of Jyotish for themselves and in order to better understand loved ones and build more harmonious relationships with the world.
  • Curious and all those who like to explore new things, but do not want to spend a lot of time and resources for a “trial period”.

What is included in the course:

The course consists of 10 lessons taught by an experienced astrologer and astropsychologist, founder of the Jyotish Academy, teacher Sergey Shleyenkov. The course uses the techniques and principles of the Jyotish parampara K.N. Rao is an outstanding astrologer, respected all over the world.

8 lessons consist of a detailed synopsis with clear theory and a practical video tutorial with examples of horoscopes.

The abstracts are supplemented with convenient tablets, by which it is easy to memorize theory and work with cards.

Each lesson contains homework, by completing which you will develop the skills of analyzing the horoscope. The video tutorials contain an analysis of the cards from your homework, and you can test yourself, as well as fill in the gaps in understanding.

4 online classes in a group on Sundays for those students who have chosen the “online” form of study.

курс в подарок

Gift for each student: webinar “Can I be an astrologer?” in two parts (lessons 9 and 10). At the webinar, you will learn what horoscope factors indicate the potential to practice astrology professionally, how to search for and analyze them in combination. The webinar contains examples of astrologers’ charts of different levels.

What will you learn:

Correctly build a horoscope using free professional software

Accurately identify the basic personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Determine the strongest influence of the planets in the horoscope and understand their nature and characteristics.

Understand the houses of the horoscope and the areas of life for which they are responsible.

Seeing the task of the soul for incarnation and a spiritual lesson.

Find the sphere of life in which the realization of a person’s potential is most effective, the sphere of his interests.

Understand the obstacles and karmic tasks of the individual.

Apply ancient astrological techniques for a happy life in the modern world.

Analyze your potential to practice astrology at a professional level.

Purpose and karmic tasks. The answer to the main life question with the help of astrology


Lesson 1

Signs and their meanings

Zodiac signs and their main meanings. We learn to determine the expressed sign in the birth chart and the qualities with which it endows a person. The lesson contains instructions on how to set up a professional astrological program and correctly build a horoscope.


Session 2

Planets and their meanings

We study the main meanings of the planets according to the Jyotish-shastras, their role in the planetary cabinet. We get acquainted with the power of the planets in signs, and how to interpret it from the point of view of personality qualities. The lesson is supplemented with a unique tablet with which you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the personality.


Session 3

Sign exchange is the most important source of planetary power

Parivartana yoga as an exchange of planetary energies. We train astrological thinking with the help of an understandable tablet. We consider the exchange of signs using the examples of the horoscopes of famous people.


Session 4

The Ascendant or Lagna is the basis of a person’s character. Houses of the horoscope. Classification of houses.

We determine the lagna in the horoscope and the basis of the personality character using examples of famous people. We study the basic meanings of houses and their categories, which will help to understand the important areas of human life, strength and obstacles on the way to the destination. The lesson is supplemented with colored plates that help to navigate in a large amount of new information and immediately apply it in practice.


Session 5

Atmakaraka – the path of the soul

An ancient and precise technique with the help of which we determine the global tasks of the soul for incarnation. The lesson contains instructions on how to define atmakaraka. Even at this stage of learning, you will be able to competently interpret the task of the soul and better understand yourself.


Session 6

Atmakaraka and spheres of life

Continuing the theme of atmakaraka, we learn to determine the sphere of life through which the tasks of the soul are most effectively realized. The lesson is supplemented by a colored plate with short descriptions that will help you draw the correct conclusion.


Session 7

Paka lagna. How to fulfill your potential?

We study the astrological technique, which allows us to determine the sphere of the main interests of the individual, the field of life, where a person can successfully realize himself. Traditionally, the lesson is supplemented with a cheat sheet that helps novice students.


Session 8

Retrograde and Karmic Tasks – Obstacles and Lessons on the Way to Destination

We define karmic tasks with the help of retrograde planets, their behavior and nature. What will be the obstacle on the way to realization, and what is the spiritual lesson of a person.

All lessons are supplemented with homework, the analysis of which is contained in the video lessons. You will be able to test yourself and complement your analysis. This teaching methodology has shown its high efficiency in the courses of the Jyotish Academy.

Gift lesson 9 and 10

Can I be an astrologer?

The author’s webinar by Sergei Aleksandrovich Shleyenkov in the recording (2 parts). We study astrological factors indicating the potential of the astrologer in the chart. The webinar contains examples of astrologers’ charts of different levels. After the webinar, you will be able to quite accurately determine what you need astrology for – as a tool for self-knowledge and helping loved ones, or as a science that will become your profession?

How the classes are held:

1. Every Thursday you get access to a lesson on the learning platform and take it at a time convenient for you.

2. Do your homework and take a quiz test for each lesson.

3. Ask your questions on the topic covered by the teacher in the support chat

4. Consolidate the acquired knowledge in practice.




Disciple of Mark Boney – one of the leading Vedic astrologers, parampara K.N. Rao

Founder and teacher of Vedic astrology, jyotish psychology “Jyotish Academy”

Practicing numerologist, Reiki master, psychologist (Graduate School of Practical Psychology).

Since 2005 – engaged in spiritual practice, has a spiritual dedication.

In 2020 – completed the course of Bhakti-Shastri in Vrindavan (India)

Forms of education:

Correspondence course

Self-study of recorded webinars, abstracts without online lessons and doing homework with the ability to ask questions in the support chat for teachers and curators.

Online classes are conducted by Jyotish Academy teachers:





Correspondence course

“Purpose and Karmic Tasks”

Group start on April 07, 2022

1 month of training


10$ for the entire course

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