Psychology teacher

💠 Lived as a monk for 20 years in eastern ashrams. Seriously engaged in martial arts (Shotokan Ryu school). Studying the cultural traditions of India, Japan, Korea and China.

💠 Philosopher, traveler. He has been married for 6 years, builds family relationships on Vedic principles.

💠 For over 12 years, he has been studying from such well-known experts in the field of psychology and psychotherapy as O. Gadetsky and M. Targakova, as well as other specialists. He has graduated of the 1st intake of the Higher School of Practical Psychology 2009

💠 Since 1992, Valery has conducted about 1,000 lectures, seminars and trainings (over 4,000 hours), which were attended by over 40,000 participants.

💠 28 years of experience in educational activities. To meet with participants in his programs, he visited over 50 cities in Russia and the CIS: from Riga to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, from Yakutsk to Almaty.


For 8 years he has been a teacher of Vedic philosophy and psychology at the School of Leadership and Cooperation. As a curator of ScLiS he made 4 two-year courses of psychology.


💠 One of the leading specialists of the International educational project “Psychology-3000”.

💠 More than 1500 consultations have been carried out for people of different social status. Many people divide their life into “before” and “after” meeting with Valery.

💠 In 2015-2016 studied the basics of humane pedagogy personally with Shalva and Paata Amonashvili in Busheti, Georgia.

💠 Studying the basics of asymmetric dialectics under the guidance of the scientist and philosopher E.Kh. Izmailov.

💠 Currently, he is undergoing training in methods of crisis psychology and psychotherapy with Victoria Unterova