You can study at any convenient time, anywhere in the world.



84 lessons with homework and additional training.



For the entire period of study.

Any time you can ask a question on the topic of training.



Free education in Vedic philosophy and psychology.

Basic education

Start of group training

April 25, 2022.
Pre-registration is open.

We take into account the characteristics of each student and provide the opportunity to choose options for starting training:

  • For those wishing to study according to plan and in a team, the nearest group starts the course on April 25, 2022.
  • For those who want to start training immediately offered the course Basic professional “At your own pace.” The beginning of training is possible immediately after the application or at any day convenient for you, at your own pace *, with the ability to calculate a favorable time for muhurta (details during the interview). * the cost of the course “at your own pace” is different!

We apologize, the enrollment for the course has been temporarily suspended for an indefinite period, due to recent events in the world.

About the course:

  • This is an intensive course that includes two courses at once “Basic Correspondence Course” and “Jyotish Psychology”.
  • You have the opportunity to take two courses at once in a shorter period of time, but also with a more serious load. You do not have to take two courses separately and wait for the start of the next group.
  • The course is unique in that in the first two months you are given basic information about the planets, houses, signs. Further, you begin to gain knowledge of Jyotish psychology and can make a full-fledged psychological portrait of a person.
  • Knowledge is added in a spiral method, where you repeat what you went through two months ago on a deeper level, while continuing to study new material.
  • Successful study of the course allows you to consult immediately after its completion in the status of a Jyotish psychologist..
  • The course assumes training in recorded webinars. All lessons have already been recorded and are given in blocks of several lessons at once every Thursday. You can watch them at any time convenient for you.
  • You can ask questions to the curators and the teacher at any time convenient for you and get a quick and detailed answer throughout the entire training period.
  • Students using this method do not face a lack in communication with teachers and replenish their knowledge in full at a convenient time for them.
  • Bonus: one additional webinar at the end of the course on astrological periods.

Training period: 6 months

Possible consulting activity as a jyotish psychologist

Who is the course suitable for:

Suitable for those who have decided to seriously and deeply immerse themselves in jyotish in a shorter period of time and have more free time to study.

And also for those who need:

  • a strong base, without which the analysis of the horoscope is impossible;
  • to structure basic knowledge;
  • someone who will help understand the intricacies of jyotish and share experience;
  • more knowledge, not enough knowledge provided by the Internet, books and other sources;
  • fill gaps in basic knowledge;
  • a community of those who are as passionate about this knowledge as you are;

A course for those who need real knowledge, and not just a “diploma”



  • You can start learning at any convenient time.
  • The training takes place on the training platform of the Jyotish Academy.
  • You study, do your homework, discuss it with your personal tutor, then take the test and get the next lesson.
  • Access to all lessons is open throughout the entire period of study 6 months + 2 months after graduation.
  • To get a certificate of completion of the astrology course, you must pass the final test.


  • Practice is the most important thing in astrology! Our program is structured in such a way that the practical part is much more than the theoretical one.
  • Much attention is paid to communication with fellow students and senior students for better assimilation of the material.




  • Empirically, we found out that the best result is given by the system lecture + homework + test + feedback.
  • Homework and tests are given after each lesson.
  • Until the tests are completed, you cannot proceed to the next lesson.
  • Daily chat support allows you to practice whenever you like.


  • The courses are taught by specialists with regular practice in consulting and research activities.
  • During their studies, they share their experiences and personal research.
  • Individual lessons are provided.




  • Absolutely all students have the support of curators and teachers in chats 24/7
  • If you wish, you get a personal curator for the entire period of study
  • You have the opportunity to contact him within 2 months after the end of the course.
  • Without a personal curator, you can still get support from other curators and teachers any time in general chats

At the Basic Professional Course you will learn:

At the technical level:

Learn all the basic elements of the chart;

Learn to connect the elements with each other and assess the potential;

You will understand how to see the auspiciousness and unfavorableness, weakness and strength of the planets;

On a practical level:

Learn to see strengths and weaknesses in your natal chart.

You will understand how to analyze the potential of the natal chart and the direction for personal growth.

You will be able to calculate astrological periods in which good luck or difficulties are possible.

Get the tools to deal with problems and weaknesses.

Help yourself and your loved ones find answers to many exciting questions.

Get basic knowledge of not only Vedic astrology, but also Vedic philosophy and psychology.

You will get all the basic keys of jyotish, like “astrological multiplication table” without which it is impossible to solve complex problems!


  • The desires we were born with
  • Why difficulties arise in certain areas of life
  • Human nature and how to best leverage it for success and prosperity
  • Talents accumulated by the experience of past incarnations and how best to apply them
  • Hidden reserves that we don’t even know about
  • Personality potential for development in different spheres of life
  • Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual potential
  • Spheres of realization of one’s abilities and talents in professional activity
  • Ways of harmonious interaction with others for a happy life according to their nature
  • Remedial tools for solving personality problems and difficulties in relationships with people

How are the classes going:

1.Every Thursday you get access to a block of classes on the training platform and take it at a time convenient for you.

2.Do your homework and take a quiz for each lesson.

3. Ask your questions on the topic covered by the curators and the teacher in the support chats.

4. Consolidate the knowledge gained in practice, discussing your personal charts in chat and online lessons (in online rates).


Training program



  • 01
    Parampara K.N. Rao / Mark Boney
  • 02
    Multiple online learning options
  • 03
    student support
  • 04
    Additional education
  • 05
    Practice opportunity
  • 06
    Complete education

We are in the parampara (disciple succession) of the Kotamraju Narayana Rao school.

We teach under the guidance of one of the leading teachers of the Institute of Astrology Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (India, Delhi) Mark Boney, founder of the Pacific Institute of Vedic Science.

15 training options!

3 levels of training!

The possibility of starting in a group or individually, according to a plan or on a convenient day for you. You will definitely find for yourself what you need!

Each student, has the opportunity to daily chat with fellow students, with students of other courses, curators and teachers.

You can ask questions not only on astrology, but also on topics of interest for a long time.

Each student of the Basic Course receives a completely free course in Vedic Philosophy and Psychology, as well as the author's course Pocket Astrology.

Senior students do research studies.

The most active and best students get the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge in curatorial activities.

Undertake consulting practice with clients of the Jyotish Academy.

Jyotish Academy is a full cycle educational project. We offer three levels of preparation: Primary, Secondary and Higher education.

You do not have to study in different schools and attend additional seminars in order to be well versed in astrology.


    More than 1800 students have already been trained


    More than 2000 students are currently studying


    We have students from 42 countries in Europe and the CIS


    24 groups of the main course are currently being trained


    22 study programs are available for students to choose from


    9 faculties are operating now and 4 more are planned to be launched in 2021



Practicing astropsychologist for over 15 years.

  • Since 2005 – studies and practices astrology, numerology and palmistry.
  • Since 2005 – engaged in spiritual practice.
  • Since 2011 – professional jyotish consultant, astro psychologist.
  • Since 2013 – lecturer at the Jyotish Academy.”
  • In 2020г– accomplished the Bhakti-Shastri course in Vrindavan (India)

Jyotish Guru – Mark Boney



Ruslan I. Fedkovich

Practicing lecturer in Vedic philosophy for over 27 years.

  • Educator-psychologist, child and family coach consultant, practicing the method of humane pedagogy, specialist in theology, specialist in Vedic culture and philosophy, specialist in family relations.
  • Has been studying and practicing Vedic knowledge for over 30 years.
  • In 1992 году – entered the University of Bhaktivedanta and graduated in philosophy and psychology.

The author of the seminars – ИThe Art of Love, Children are our Everything !!! and etc.



Andrey Vladimirovich Komarov

Practicing psychologist-consultant for over 8 years.

  • In 2011 – the Higher School of Practical Psychology in Sochi, under the leadership of Oleg Gadetsky.
  • In 2014 graduated from the Moscow State Regional Humanitarian Institute. Faculty Educator-psychologist.
  • Assistant of Oleg Gadetsky, as a consultant psychologist.
  • For 3 years was an assistant to the Founder of the Institute of Spiritual Applied
    Technologies John Favors



Valery Mikhailovich Komysov

Practicing psychologist-consultant for over 11 years.

  • One of the leading specialists of the International educational project “Psychology-3000”.
  • In 2015-2016 гг. studied the basics of humane pedagogy personally with Shalva and Paata Amonashvili in Busheti, Georgia.
  • Has been involved in educational activities for 28 years.
  • Since 1992 года has conducted about 1,000 lectures, seminars and trainings (over 4,000 hours), which were attended by over 40,000 participants.


Jyotish Academy certified graduates


Yakushko Maria

One of the best Sergei Shleenkov’s students.

Certified astrologer, consultant, teacher and curator of the Jyotish Academy.

She completed additional training in psychology, numerology and Ayurveda.

Organizer, teacher and curator of the "Pocket Astrology" course.


Guskova Anastasiya

One of the best Sergei Shleyenkov’s students and Sergei’s assistant.

Certified astrologer, consultant, teacher and senior curator of the Jyotish Academy.

Certified specialist in predictive technique "Muhurta".

Organizer, teacher and curator of the "Pocket Astrology" course.

Organizer of the "I am in goodness" marathon.

Certified teacher-sociologist.


Butko Natalia

One of the best students of Sergei Alexandrovich Shleenkov.

Certified astrologer, teacher and curator of the Jyotish Academy.

BSP Certified Predictive Technician.

Volunteer and organizer of the "Art of Life" movement.

Professional yoga master, teacher of international level.

Certified gelstat - therapist.


Mishina Olesya

One of the best students of Sergei Alexandrovich Shleenkov.

Senior Curator of the Academy and Curator of the Astropsychology Course

Author of astrological articles for the Jyotish Academy website

Jyotish Academy databank organizer


Kovalskaya Natalia

One of the best students of Sergei Alexandrovich Shleenkov.

Curator of the "Basic Course" of the Jyotish Academy.

Completed training in composing mandalas and yantras






v den sterta profi


Group start on April 25, 2021

Promotion “Pre-registration”

The closer to the start, the higher the price!
Sign up now for a better price!

* pre-registration for the course is possible only if paid before the date specified in the promotion

We apologize, the enrollment for the course has been temporarily suspended for an indefinite period, due to recent events in the world.

The cost of the course for the “Pre-registration” promotion:

Until April 04, 2022 6:00 pm (Moscow time)

You can choose a payment option convenient for you: for the entire course or monthly

Basic professional correspondence with a curator in a general chat

Group start on April 25, 2022

6 months of training


550$ for the entire course


120$ per month

99$ per month

until April 04 6:00 pm (Moscow time)

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Basic professional At your own pace with a curator in a general chat

Start at any time

6 months of training


600$ for the entire course

no monthly payment

until April 04  6:00 pm (Moscow time)

Send a request

Until the end of the promotion




After completing the Basic “Professional” course, you can get a choice of:

Course Participant Certificate  or Completion Diploma.


A course participant certificate – is a document confirming your participation in the course as a listener, without proof of qualifications. This certificate is issued to those students who pass the final test at the end of the course, but do not pass the online exam (interview with the charts) to the teachers of the school.

The diploma of completion of education is a document confirming the successful completion of the course, after the full completion of the entire examination process, consisting of the final test and the online exam (interview with the analysis of charts). This diploma confirms the student’s qualifications personally verified by the school teachers.





After you send your application for admission, we will send you a questionnaire. You will need to send your birth data by filling out the form, after which an assessment of the possibility of studying with us will be made, based on astrological compatibility. Training may be refused without explanation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Registration for the course:

Send your data to enroll in the course by clicking on the “submit application” button.
Indicate your details in the application form:

Error: Contact form not found.

Or send a request to WhatsApp

+ 7-929-236-96-26



We carry the proud title of ACADEMY, because we work out each topic as it should be in higher educational institutions.


ДIn order to become a good astrologer, you need at least 2-3 years, we understand this and do not promise what will not really happen.
It is impossible to study predictive astrology in 2-4 months , and even more so to start predicting events!


We support our students even after graduating from the academy.
give the best of the best the opportunity to grow with us in teaching and consulting


Why is the cost so low?

You have most likely already explored the various astrology teaching offerings and estimated that our school has the lowest tuition fees.

This may cause confusion and distrust on your part, fear that you may receive little knowledge or they will be of poor quality, but we dare to assure you that this is not so, and this can be easily verified by reading real (and not purchased, like this accepted in our time) feedback from our students.

Our project is not about "how to make money"! By creating it, we wanted to achieve one of the most important goals for us - to give important knowledge that will change the life of everyone who comes to us, as many people as possible, regardless of their material capabilities.

Our goal inspires us to use the minimum cost, which is determined by the cost of the product (advertising, website, taxes ... etc.) and the salaries necessary for life. Anything beyond these costs goes to charity and spiritual projects. As part of the Academy, we weekly help elderly people in need, children from large families, preparing hot meals for them together with the “Food for Life” partners. For 180 days a year, we run "I am in goodness" marathons that change the hearts of our students and their families. People become softer, more patient, more peaceful and happier. You can also read real reviews about this on our website ....

Jyotish in general and "Jyotish Academy" in particular is a door to the world that changes a person's consciousness, raises it to a new level and even helps to get liberation from karma.

Our goal is to help everyone who wants to become more perfect, change their lives and the lives of loved ones for the better and embark on the path of spiritual growth.

What style of map is used in teaching?

Our school uses a South Indian map style.

What is the difference between "Basic Correspondence" and "Basic Correspondence At your own pace”?

The program in these courses is exactly the same.

At Basic Correspondence, the start of study in a group begins on a certain day. Lessons are given once a week.

At Basic Correspondence "At their own pace" students can start studying at any day convenient for them, without waiting for the group, and they can also study at their own pace, opening new classes when it is convenient for them (more than once a week).

What is the difference between the "Basic Course" and "Jyotish Psychology"?

At the Basic course, students learn the basics of predictive astrology, this, of course, involves further study of Jyotish on the Basic course with the development of new forecasting techniques, deepening knowledge and skills. To become a first-class specialist in forecasting, you need to study for more than one year, everything is like with a higher education - step-by-step training and building up knowledge.

At the course "Jyotish Psychology" students learn the basics of astropsychology. It reveals all the secrets of the personality, hidden resources, potential that even the native himself and his environment do not know about. It is on this course that you can find answers to three main questions:

1. Who am I? 2. Why am I living this way? 3. What should I do about it?

After completing the course "Jyotish Psychology", students can immediately consult in the status of a Jyotish psychologist.

Can I interrupt my studies at any time convenient for me?

You can, but the certificate of completion of the "Basic Course" is issued only after the end of the course and the exam.

A diploma of complete education can be obtained only after the examination and the defense of the diploma. You can stop your studies and take an academic vacation if necessary and continue your studies later.

What happens after I apply for training?

Manager Ekaterina will contact you via WhatsApp or telegram, which you will send in your application. In the messenger, she will drop you a questionnaire, which you will need to fill out. In it, we ask for your Surname and Name, date of birth to consider your card for the opportunity to study Jyotish, and also ask additional questions that help us in the development of the academy.

Then Sergey Aleksandrovich examines your map and gives you an analysis of the map in audio format, communicates with you (in audio format), asks you additional questions. After the interview, you receive an invoice to pay for the course, after you pay it, you are added to the training group, where you can study additional educational materials (pocket astrology, psychology, philosophy) before the start of training.

How is the training going?

If you have chosen a course in a group, then the training begins on a specific day. If you chose the course "At your own pace", then you start training immediately after paying for the course.

All lessons take place at the academy's training platform. Classes open once a week on Thursday early morning until 6am. Several lessons open at once (lasting from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours).

You can watch the lessons at any time convenient for you, on any day convenient for you until next Thursday. You can ask all questions about the lessons in general chats to teachers and curators, as well as in private chats if you have a plan with a personal curator. You can ask any questions about the covered topics in the chats, and also consider your maps on the topic of the lesson.

At the end of each lesson there is a test that have to be passed. You will also receive homework to practice your skills.

If you have chosen the course "At Your pace", then the lessons are opened as you progress. You can go through them as quickly as you want, however there is a limitation on the duration, courses cannot last more than 6 months.

If you have chosen a plan with online classes, then in addition to recorded lessons on the platform, you will have additional online lessons lasting 40 minutes, where you can ask questions about the lessons learned, since recorded lessons are issued a few days before online lessons.

In individual lessons lasting 40 minutes, you analyze only your personal questions in the lessons, without wasting time on the questions of other students, this allows you to work deeper into the topics covered and consolidate them.